Business Travel Trends

Business travel trends have become a key feature of economic and business decisions around the globe witnessing some interesting developments in recent times.

With the advent of the internet and outsourcing opportunities, business travel is not quite as in demand as it used to be, which is why there has been a major shift in the market. However, even with lower demand highlighted as one of the most recent trends in business travel, there are still some other notable trends left that are of great importance.

As mentioned initially, one of the most notable trends of the year is the minimal look at business travel as demand has decreased. Although some instances simply demand a face to face meeting, companies are increasingly turning to web chat tools and other networking means to conduct business without actually going overseas. The new focus before any travel is planned, is what the RoI on the travel trip will be and if it is worthwhile to actually pursue.

Given the last decade has been tumultuous to say the least, companies will also weigh the risks of travel a bit more heavily and step up their efforts to ensure that all of their employees remain safe while travelling at all times, especially if their destination is deemed high risk. In fact, the UK Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide legislation addresses this fact quite rigidly.

Alongside these concerns, the green trend will continue to get incorporated by conscientious companies who want a good public image, and this will reflect in their travel arrangements as well. The carbon footprint of employees will be taken into higher consideration and careful education will be presented to employees about how to choose the best mode of transportation.

Finally, the business traveller of 2010 and beyond will now not only be expected to be connected at all times, but actually find it quite easy to do so. With wi-fi in all planes soon to be a reality, there will be little room for an employee to ever be ‘off the clock’ or ‘unavailable’

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