Why does gold remain such a popular form of investment?

Most people who have money to invest will probably end up with a combination of stocks and shares and bonds. This is to hedge their bets somewhat, as they will be expecting to see increases in the value of their stocks sooner rather than later, while the bonds will grow slowly and are an investment in the future. There is another commodity that you should be considering however, and that is the precious metal known as gold.

Even the name has an elegant, sophisticated ring to it, and gold is now the most popular investment across the globe. So why has its popularity remained and it’s value retained? The simple truth is that we have always had a fascination with this glittering metal that has long been an indication of wealth and standing. It is something that anyone can purchase from online markets without having to consult financial consultants and the like.

This is the big appeal of investing in gold for the ordinary people, that it is easy to purchase and store and will not break over time. Gold prices have gone sky high in recent years, and shows no sign of sliding. Those who bought gold 10 or 20 years ago will certainly be reaping the reward now as the value more than doubled between 2005-2010. This made gold the most popular commodity to invest in, and it has stayed there ever since.

It is unique in the world of investment as it is not tied to a company in the way that stocks and shares are, so does not gain or lose value depending on the current performance of a company. The only real downside is that it has pushed up the price of jewellery, but on the other hand if you are given gold as gift in any shape or form you know it has cost a lot of money, and will probably be your most valuable present.

Why does gold remain such a popular form of investment

If you have a lot of money to invest, you want to make enquiries as to whether to buy physical gold, such as bars or bullion, or invest in financial products that are linked to gold such as foreign currency. These kinds of serious investments should really be done through a broker if you have never invested on this scale before, or at least get impartial advice from somebody who specialises in this field.

Physical gold has a clear advantage over other investments as you can actually see and feel your investment, before you lock it away in a safe of bank vault obviously. Gold bars were often used as a sign of wealth in old films as only the very rich owned them, thanks to the way it is traded now, anybody could buy themselves a gold bar or two, providing they have the funds of course.

While there is less disposable income than ever before, those who have been unfortunate enough to lose their jobs and receive a redundancy payout are those most likely to be seeking safe investments for their cash, and they could do a lot worse than invest a hefty chunk in gold.

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